Yaesu FTM-3100R Mobile HAM Radio Review

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The Yaesu FTM-3100R is a powerful 2m rig and a great option for beginners. Despite being priced very affordably it’s surprisingly functional and is very well-built just like all the other Yaesu HAM radios out there.

The FTM-3100R is indeed impressively powerful with a 65 watts RF output and a clear, loud audio. It’s very functional with some great features like WX channels, adjustable transmit audio output, and the microphone functions allowing to access the home channel.

The FTM-3100R isn’t the most popular mobile HAM radio out there, but pretty much every customer that bought it is all praise for it. Everyone thinks they can’t get a better deal at this price.

Yaesu FTM-3100R Features

If you want to find out if we really agree with them, stick around as we review the FTM-3100R in detail below.


First things first, the FTM-3100R won’t operate on CB frequencies. It’s a 2 meter VHF radio, and CB radios operate on the 11 meter band.

The reason we thought it’s important to mention this is some users are confusing it for something that will pick up channels on the CB frequencies, which it will obviously not.

With that out of the way, the FTM-3100R is only VHF (single band) but a powerful one at that. It’s an absolute workhorse that produces excellent audio with natural voices and a great clarity. The audio is also plenty loud for you to hear even when driving fast.

A particular user mentioned they have no trouble clearing hearing the audio the FTM-3100R produces even with the windows rolled down. This is indeed something impressive especially considering its price.

Needless to say the 65 watts RF output is impressive as well and reflects the kind of power the FTM-3100R brings to the table.

Yaesu Ftm 3100rFunctionality

Yaesu HAM radios usually don’t fail to impress when it comes to the functionality, and the same is true for the FTM-3100R as well. It’s easily one of the most functional radios in this price range.

One of the features users really like about the FTM-3100R is that it allows you to access the home channel right from the microphone’s buttons. The microphone has 4 function buttons and one of them takes you to the home channel.

Another unique feature is WX channels. They would definitely come in handy for many users.

The hand mic is surprisingly high quality for the price – and coupled with the adjustable transmit audio output – the FTM-3100R manages to offer a great sound quality.

The unit is heavy and solid. Yaesu radios never disappoint as far as the durability is concerned, and the FTM-3100R would definitely not fail to impress you on this front either.

The knobs have a solid feel to them too, and the display is basic but clear and functional.

An Annoying Downside

The FTM-3100R is almost a perfect single band rig, but perfection rarely exists in the world of amateur radio enthusiasts, and certainly not at this price range.

The thing is, the FTM-3100R comes with a fan, and that’s not particularly a bad thing, but the fact that it’s considerably noisier than most other comparable radios probably is.

However, the bigger issue here is that the fan randomly goes off and on even when the radio is on stand-by mode, perhaps due to the environment around it. But it can quickly get annoying when it happens too often and seemingly for no reason at all.

That said, some users do mention that although the FTM-3100R is a little noisy, they don’t really hear the noise when driving so it doesn’t bother them much. But for some users this can turn out to be a very real issue.

Yaesu FTM-3100R Review Conclusion

If not for the noise issue we explained above, the FTM-3100R would have been a terrific purchase. However, even with the somewhat abrupt fan operation, the FTM-3100R is a great choice for those that can live with it.

This is especially considering that it’s designed to be used in your vehicle so the external noise may not let the fan’s noise get annoying for you.

So all said and done, the FTM-3100R can certainly be a great buy if you’re looking for a VHF band with a great performance and superior functionality at a surprisingly affordable price. You can find out how affordable it really is right now by clicking on the button below and checking it out on Amazon.

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