Yaesu SP-2000 External Speaker Review

The Yaesu SP-2000 is one of the best external speakers ever made for the FT-2000 series. It offers an incredible sound and great overall functionality.

The audio filters in particular are a great addition, and makes the otherwise expensive price tag worth it.

Yaesu SP-2000 External Speaker Features

So let us review the Yaesu SP-2000 in detail and help you take an informed decision whether it’s the right choice for your needs.

Excellent Sound

The sound quality is obviously the most important factor when it comes to speaker, and the Yaesu SP-2000 external speaker doesn’t fail to deliver on the sound front.

It produces a loud but clear sound, with the perfect balance to sound just right to your ears. It can easily fill a large room with great sound without making it uncomfortable on your ears.

The audio filters turn out to be a great help as they do an incredible job of eliminating high frequency noise from atmospherics. This ensures a great level of clarity as well.

Customizing the Sound Further

Yes, the SP-2000 is one of the more unique external speakers out there, and allows even customizing the sound the way you want to.

That said, some users do not like the way it sounds without any customization, which is why they make customizations to it.

Most users simply get a kit to stuff into the speaker that helps modify the sound to their liking. It helps with the minor vibration issue as well when playing the speaker at a very high volume.

Solid Build Quality

What’s a high-end speaker that can’t last as long as your Ham radio? The Yaesu SP-2000 is not just another external speaker out there.

It boasts a solid build quality and great overall durability. It’s sure to last you a very, very long time.

The knobs for controls are well-made and easy to work with.

Overall, it meets our expectations on the build quality front pretty well, even by the standards of high-end external speakers.


The SP-2000 is just an all-round excellent external speaker. While it matches the mobile Ham radios in the FT-2000 series perfectly, it actually also works pretty well with most other Ham radios out there too.

It boasts some impressively advanced functionality in the form of a three-selection High-Cut and two-selection Low-Cut audio filters. They go a long way in helping you get the kind of sound you want as well as eliminating noise from the audio.

You can select the cutoff frequencies using the speaker itself, and this feature works pretty well too. It also comes with dual audio inputs, another feature you wouldn’t find in most other external speakers out there.

But what’s more? You can improve the overall sound quality even further by stuffing the speaker with acoustic installation. Even the regular fiberglass installation will do the job just fine.

It would go a long way in helping eliminate the resonances some users complain about. Furthermore, even other issues like white noise are completely taken care of by just stuffing the speaker properly.

A nice little feature is also the built-in switch that comes in really handy when using it for two radios. The 4.7 speaker is loud enough to fill the largest of rooms with great, balance sound with incredible clarity.


An obvious drawback of the SP-2000 is the price. It’s expensive. There’s no doubt about that.

However, it definitely justifies the price with its excellent overall sound quality, amazing durability and great functionality. You would never find the kind of sound and functionality the SP-2000 offers with any of those budget speakers on the market.

Another issue some users complain about is the sound being a little hollow at times. And that’s where the acoustic installation or stuffing the speaker comes in.

It not only helps fix the said issue, but also takes the sound quality to the next level. Sure, it would cost you a bit more to do this, but the improved sound quality you will get in return would be hard to match even for the more expensive high-end external speakers out there.

Yaesu SP-2000 External Speaker Review Conclusion

The SP-2000 might seem a little pricey – especially if you add the acoustic installation cost to it – but if you’re looking for the best sound you can get with your FT-2000 series radio then it’s your absolute best bet.

In fact, it would also make an incredible speaker for pretty much any radio it works with, and it works with many of them out there.

The sound is great all-round, the audio filters are amazing, and the build quality leaves nothing to complain about.

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