Zoom H6 6-Track Portable Recorder Review

The Zoom H6 is an incredibly versatile and powerful portable recorder. It works great for many different applications.

It offers a lot of great features while being surprisingly easy to use.

Zoom H6 6-Track Portable Recorder Features

So let us walk you through some of its most highlighting features, as well as some minor not-so-good things about it in order to help you take an informed decision.

Your Mobile Recording Studio!

This thing is as close to a real studio recording as it can get. If we were asked to sum up our review in a few words, we would say that the Zoom H6 6-Track is your own recording studio in your pocket.

There are two mics, as many as four phantom-powerable XLR connectors and the option to add a couple more to them, and also a mixer, all while being battery-operated. And this is while getting a studio recording performance. What more can you ask for!

Users have been using it for their live performances and say it works great every time.

Versatile and Convenient to Use

Despite being so advanced with an incredibly powerful performance, the H6 is surprisingly convenient to use. There are lots of buttons and controls on the body which make for a convenient and simple operation.

The H6 also allows direct recording to SD cards, with the 2-inch color display further adding to the overall functionality.

It also boasts a very well-thought-out design and can be easily mounted on a DSLR or camcorder. In addition, it offers two different options in the form of being capable to be used as a stand-alone recorder, as well as a 6-channel audio interface with your computer. That’s some impressive recording convenient for you right there!

As for versatility, the H6 works well for a wide variety of applications, including your Ham radio for that matter. The sound quality turns out to be amazing no matter the type of project you’re working on.

Durable with Impressive Battery Life

Users mention how the NiMH rechargeable batteries work well with the H6. You typically get over 15 hours of recording in one charge – and while that may not be the best in the world – it’s certainly not bad either for the kind of performance you’re getting.

The durability of the H6 is excellent. Right from the buttons to the display to the overall construction, everything seems rock solid.

Zoom H6 6 Track Portable Recorder ReviewPros

The H6 is an excellent all-round portable recorder. It’s incredibly versatile and no matter the type of application you use it for, it manages to pleasantly surprise you every single time.

If you’re into Ham stuff and do broadcasts on your mobile Ham radio or any other device for that matter, you will find that it performs great overall with an amazing sound quality. It works just as well on multiple audio stations with absolutely no loss of quality whatsoever.

As we explained above, it manages to offer a comparable performance to a real studio recording, which is probably as good as it can get for a portable recording device. The sound quality is excellent even for live performances, which speaks volumes about the overall quality and functionality it brings to the table.

Despite the amazing performance, however, it’s very user-friendly, convenient to use with lots of handy features, buttons and controls.

The 2-inch color display works pretty well, and the ability to mount it on a DSLR or camcorder makes it a lot more functional.

The durability is great as well with an impressive battery life. All in all, we would say you would be hard-pressed to find a better portable recorder even if you’re willing to pay considerably more than what the H6 is priced at.


To be honest we don’t think there’s much wrong with the H6. But to point out a couple minor issues, we would say the battery indicator isn’t very accurate.

Once you have used a small part of your battery, the battery indicator will likely keep showing the battery levels at the lowest level while there would still be a lot of battery remaining.

So that’s one thing you will have to live with. Another something here is that the timebase isn’t much accurate either.

There are other recorders that do better on this front. But again, this shouldn’t be a major issue for most users and worth living with for the kind of performance you’re getting for the price.

Zoom H6 6-Track Portable Recorder Conclusion

The Zoom H6 is arguably the best portable recording device in its price range. Unless you have a much higher budget, we would say the H6 is likely your best bet.

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